Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ajay bags First Prize in “CodeWarrior”

Congratulations Ajay for winning the first prize in the CodeWarrior Contest!
Ajay is a busy team lead at Talentica who juggles between out of the box innovation and aggressive deadlines for some of the best products. Ajay participated in CodeWarrior out of his sheer passion for coding.

CodeWarrior is an online national level Developer Challenge on Innovation conducted by Intuit India in Bangalore. In CodeWarrior, contestants need to showcase their creative skills by developing innovative SMS based mobile apps using the services of Txtweb, the biggest SMS based platform in India created by Intuit.
Few top applications were selected for the final round.  They were required to present their application in front of a panel which comprised all business heads of Intuit India.
Finalists and winners for Judges’ Choice Award were then selected by a panel of experts comprising 3-5 industry members. All apps were judged on the following criteria:
  • App implementation quality: The overall architecture of the application and the elegance/modularity of the code.
  • User experience: The overall positive quotient of the user’s interaction with the app.
Ajay developed an application known as Vinbox, which was very well received. Vinbox is an app that can be used to access one’s inbox from a short unique URL known only to the user. Features of the app include:
  • Retrieval of saved messages back to user’s phone
  • Sharing of messages on Facebook , Twitter or Email
  • Managing virtual inbox - deleting or editing of any of the saved messages.
The award was handed over to Ajay by the MD of Intuit India. To view a demo of Vinbox, visit


  1. Awesome work....Ajay you rock!!!

  2. Great...Superb...Mind blowing!!! Ajay keep it up.

  3. Congratulations Ajay. Great work.

  4. Congratulations Ajay.. It's Difficult but you proved you are genius... Thanks for your good work .. Keep it up...


  5. Congrats Ajay and congrats to Talentica folks for again featuring in this list :)

  6. Hi Ajay the Mob app Good and Congo.... Ajay Worth For Talentica :)